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A Mind With A Leak

"My heart was pierced by cupid, i disdain all glitter and gold, there is nothing can console me, but my Jolly Sailor Bold"..

Im a mermaid, pansexual, Unavailable,
Being the Libra that i am, i love to be there for people, and offer a helping hand when i can. HATE FREE ZONE - SAFE ZONE. One day ill do great things... Take a gander(: Or Follow me on Instagram, Covermeininkk

I’m so so so so tired of the bullshit. You want my dog to be all up your ass, you love that my dog follows you around. But when she goes into your room and gets ATTACKED by these little fucking bitch dogs, and that dog gets what’s coming to them. Now my dog is the bad guy. Maybe you guys should have socialized your fucking dogs. If nova can’t even go into your room without them instigating a fight then what do you want from me? I’m constantly having to be on novas ass because she could do some serious damage to these little dogs, but what am I supposed to do when they’re all up in her face barking and growling at her for no reason??? SHES GOING TO RETALIATE. SHES GOING TO GET FED UP WITH IT. SHES GOING TO BITE BACK! Your dog’s have even bitten me, more than once. Fuck off. Its not my dog, it’s yours and I’m tired of scolding Nova for shit She isn’t doing.
Please someone please help me. Is anyone looking for a roommate in the socal area??? I do have Nova, but she’s very well behaved, potty trained, and doesn’t bark. If you guys know anyone looking for a roommate whose reliable and not a creep…. hit me up on here or Kik, or email…. I’m still looking for places to rent. But UN California, that’s hard and almost impossible to do alone…
#help #california #roommateneeded #helpme
or donate to my PayPal so I can save up more for my own place for me n Nova…. anything helps…. thanks guys. X

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